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Page updated: 23-Feb-2020

Mystery Demo

Where are they now?

Please get in touch if you have any information
about the music or the musicians

Clearing out some old tapes, we came across our first ever 'demo' cassette, recorded sometime in the 1980's in Todmorden, Lancs.

Andy was the composer on vocals, keyboards & guitar...

Andy  Andy

Pat was the drummer...


but I don't remember their surnames... there were one or two others; all worked at ICL, West Gorton, Manchester.

Recording was over a long weekend in the dining room of our old Victorian house, with an umbilical of assorted mic & foldback cables across the hallway to the lounge, feeding a home-made 8-track mixer, bouncing tracks between two stereo tape recorders.

I remember a last-minute panic as I'd forgotten about foldback, so had to rush out and buy several (cheap!) headphones and lash up some distribution boxes.

Bouncing between tape decks      Home-made mixer

It was a bit cramped with mic stands, guitar amp, speakers, a crappy old electric keyboard, a not-so-crappy Moog Taurus (on loan; wish I'd hung on to it now), Pat's drum kit in the corner... but at least we had that haunting piano (the old 'drawing-pins in the hammers' trick!).

Liz testing the kit
Liz having a bash

MySpace lost the original tracks, so re-uploaded to pCloud:
Tracks:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13