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Chillout is a progressive muscle relaxation session lasting about 30 mins., commissioned by Dr. Peter Mackereth at Christie Hospital, Manchester. The session has been recorded by both therapists on different tracks, so you can select the most relaxing voice for you.

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Peter Mackereth is a qualified nurse, teacher and complementary therapist; he has worked in a variety of health care settings, most recently in cancer and palliative care. This relaxation technique is one of his favourites and has been evaluated in a number of research projects.

Peter recommends that you practice this technique at least once a week, setting aside 30 minutes to gently tighten and relax 250 muscles to achieve 'chillout'.

At the time of recording, Liz Tipping was a qualified RM and SEN, and had 25 years experience on a large regional neonatal intensive care unit. Working with the everyday stresses of a busy unit has given Liz a valuable insight to the benefits of relaxation for maintaining equilibrium (and sanity!).

Liz became interested in complementary therapies when she realised their potential as none-invasive techniques to enhance relaxation within the workplace for parents, babies and staff (Paper, Article). She remains a Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch and a Clinical Reflexologist, and is now an Infant Massage instructor with a private practice treating a wide variety of clients and conditions (Liz Tipping website).

Available on CD or cassette from Peter Mackereth