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Page updated: 1-Sep-2010

SyDs (Synth Diagrams)

These are very detailed block diagrams showing all functional units & controls on just a few A4 sheets which you can print/laminate as required.

Laminated set

Use as a reference for learning how the synth works,  programming/patching, or for manually documenting patch settings without a computer.

Potential for automating patch settings with MIDI link & VBA programming (contact me for SyD source files if reqd.)

Please note I have no connections with the synth designers. The diagrams are my own interpretations of the manuals. I welcome feedback but accept no responsibility for errors/omissions.

Korg microKORG

Guidelines are included on the Main SyD

  • a synth program needs 1 Main & 1 or 2 Timbre SyDs
  • a vocoder program needs 1 Main & 1 Vocoder SyD.

Low-res pictures for previewing:  Main  Timbre  Vocoder

High-res bmp files for printing; all 3 SyDs (v22):  exe  zip

  • List of all Shift commands such as Write-Protect, Init Program etc.
  • List of DWGS waveform names & numbers
  • List of Vocoder frequencies & bands

Some things clarified by the SyDs (to me at least):-

  • Osc-2 tuning is relative to Osc-1 so tune Osc-1 first
  • There is only one Mod FX, Delay & EQ for both Timbres
  • How the vocoder processes the audio input
  • The internal differences between the 2 LFOs
  • Only LFO-2 can be a patch destination (and then only if Tempo Sync is off)
  • LFO-1 is hard-wired to Control-2 on Osc-1
  • LFO-2 is hard-wired to the Mod Wheel (which explains why the Mod Wheel affects an initialised program - Vibrato Intensity is initialised to 5!)
  • Just how much functionality Korg packed into this lap-top battery-powered unit!

Novation Supernova

These are just a taster to show current progress; they are not yet finished or verified. High-res bmp files will only be published when the set is completed.

Low-res first draft pictures for previewing (v12):  Osc  Mixer/Filter

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