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Page updated: 30-Mar-2016

Vera (Verify Archive)

Compares 2 folders or 2 files for a simple Yes/No verification of an archive or file transfer operation.

Simplifies archive verification by using a concept of 'source' & 'destination' instead of folder 1 & folder 2. Items on the destination but not on the source are ignored to avoid misleading missing file errors.

Verified screenshot

Compares any type of file: text, binary, EXE, JPG, WAV, AVI, etc. between any drives: hard discs, CD/DVDs, USB memory sticks, USB hard discs, SD cards, networks, floppy discs, etc.

The Windows file cache is bypassed to ensure the true source & destination are compared each time the check is run. Other checkers such as WinDiff & FC don't do this, but it's essential for tracking intermittent file corruption problems, otherwise you're just comparing copies held in RAM.

Verifying screenshot

It was designed to verify archives as opposed to just compare folders, so it uses the 'source' list to define all the items to be checked, and ignores any items from the destination which are not in this list.

This means you can use source & destination to reflect the direction of the original copy process and avoid misleading errors due to existing destination items missing from the source. This would occur with traditional comparison programs if you append files to an existing archive and then simply compare the two folders.

You can mimic a traditional 'compare folders' operation by clicking
Verify, Swap, Verify.

The 'More details' button shows a full list of checked files.

Verified screenshot with detailed file list

Comparison fails are also shown for each file such as mismatched sizes, mismatched contents, missing etc. Selected entries can be copied to the clipboard or saved to a text or CSV file:-

Details screenshot

No 4GB file size limit; here's an example over 5GB:-

4GB screenshot

Minimum system requirements

Windows 98SE and later.
Tested on 98SE, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10


30-Mar-2016 Vera V7.02 - all programs are held on the storage site. If there are problems downloading, check your computer's access or contact me via email address at bottom of this page.

The program is free, but if you pass it on, please keep the package intact.

Mods 7.02
- Previous results & details log are now only reset when Verify is clicked
Mods 7.01
- Added hidden & system file attributes in browse lists
- Reduced default form height to fit 1024x768 screens
Mods 7.00
- Improved user interface for files/folder selection (see screenshots above)
- Displays & compares Hidden & System folders/files regardless of Folder Options
Mods 6.00
- Fixed handling of 8-bit ANSII chars in folder/filenames (thanks Ron F. for reporting)
  (fault occurred in v5.06 due to Free Pascal so converted back to Delphi).
- Folder/file switching reverted to original method,
 i.e. use '*' to compare folders (instead of radio buttons).
Mods 5.06
- Comparisons speeded up.
- Simplified folder/file mode; select via radio buttons.
- Converted from Delphi to Lazarus & Free Pascal for cross-platform trials.
Mods 4.00
Fixed folder/file mode switching.
- Added new folder/file browser.
Mods 3.02
- Fixed folder/file handling if Swap clicked.
- Clarified folder/file selection in Browse.
- Dest path initialised to source path if blank & vice versa.
Mods 3.01
- Bypasses Windows file cache to ensure consistent/accurate results.
- Added individual file compare option.


  • Run/double-click the installation file and follow the prompts
    (administrator privileges are required)
Windows may prompt for permission to install using various messages...
  • If you see: Windows protected your PC - Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognised application from starting...
    Click 'More Info' to reveal a button marked 'Run anyway' and click that.
  • If you see: User Account Control - Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?
    Click Yes.
When Vera is running, click Help, Usage for further information, or contact me if you have any problems.


  • Use the standard uninstall/remove process in Windows Control Panel.
    Administrator privileges are required, so you may need to acknowledge User Account Control prompts as shown above and/or logon as an admin user first.
Phil Tipping, 2016