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Page updated: 20-Oct-2021


Unless otherwise stated, all software is offered free with no embedded adverts or time restrictions. If you find any free items useful and wish to donate, please use this PayPal link and add a message to say what it's for.

Some downloadable files are held on the storage site due to website restrictions, so don't be alarmed if you see a prompt from pCloud. If there are problems downloading, check your computer is not blocking access to pCloud, or contact me via the email address below.

Sequetron   Info   Download
Frustrated with conventional s/w sequencers? Creativity stifled jumping between PC and music keyboard? This converts a basic MIDI keyboard into an instrument for improvising, jamming... or just simply having fun. Play, record, loop & overdub using the same keys on your music keyboard. Create catchy, syncopated rhythms without ever touching your PC keyboard or mouse.

Sample Aid   Info   Download (N.B. the download links are for the Sequetron program & documentation package - Sample Aid is a tool within Sequetron - click Info for more details)
Generate accurately timed MIDI notes with stepped pitch & velocity combinations. Use for triggering devices to be sampled or for auditioning synths/keyboards for sampling anomalies.

PlasMaSim   Info   Download updated 17-Oct-2021
Simulator for the PlasMa mini-mainframe simulator machine.

Plasm   Info   Download updated 20-Oct-2021
Assembler for PlasMa programs.

EMX-1 Config   Info   Download
Organise patterns & songs on a Korg EMX-1 Music Production Station.

Drehbank Editor/Config   Info   Download
Edit/configure a Doepfer Drehbank MIDI controller box.

Nagger   Info   Download
Addicted to the computer? Ever wonder where the hours go? Do you hear yourself saying: "I'll just..."?
This computer over-use reminder looks after your health by persuading you to take regular breaks.

Vera   Info   Download
Verify archives and other file transfers to CD/DVDs, external USB discs, memory sticks, networks etc.

Decode EMU   Info   Download
Extract preset & sample names from EMU/EOS files for documenting & classifying samples.

EMU Reorder   Info   Download
Re-orders EMU/EOS folders & banks/files into alphabetic order.

Hex Anno   Info   Download
Annotate hex dumps to assist with decoding file formats.

Dance of the Planets font patch   Info   Download
Fix corrupted screen characters for this astronomy simulator program.

FindFont   Info   Download
Memory scanner for locating font tables; useful for fixing corrupted screen fonts when running old 16-bit programs on modern PCs.

UniConv   Info   Download
Universal converter; fully customisable program for converting one dimensional unit into another, e.g. length, volume, speed, force, areas of circles, squares, cubes etc.

Monitor Network   Info   Download
Network/broadband monitor; customisable script for logging internet availability.

Berty   Info   Download
Neural Network simulator for building & investigating an artificial neural network. Displays cell activity in real-time with moveable viewports, eeg trace probes & stimulus regions.