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Nagger is a simple, easy-to-use program for persuading you to take regular breaks from the computer, as recommended by Health and Safety guidelines.

Time's Up screenshot

It assumes some level of responsibility, so attempts to 'cheat' and bypass the rest periods are discouraged as opposed to prevented. It is not suitable for unattended parental control use.

Resting screenshot

Why use this one?


Use button: allows you to use the computer for the designated time period, after which the screen is blocked and the rest period is started. Extra tidy-up time is offered prior to the rest period. Taskbar shows time remaining when control panel is minimised.

Rest button: allows you to take an early rest before the normal usage time has elapsed; the screen will block immediately. The control panel moves around while the screen is blocked to act as a screen-saver; move mouse or click anywhere to centralise it & reveal the menu & task bars if hidden.

Ready for Use screenshot

Emergencies menu: allows you to skip the rest period immediately or to close down the program; this attempts to make you aware of the risks by prompting you to type in a random symptom of over-use.

Preferences menu: allows you to customise the timeout periods and screen background colour. Timeouts can only be adjusted at program start-up time to reduce the temptation to 'cheat' and simply lengthen the work period at the expense of your health. All changes are saved in the registry for future use; a further option allows you to remove these changes and revert to the recommended default settings of 10 mins rest every hour.

Preferences screenshot

Minimum system requirements

Windows 98SE and later.
Tested on 98SE, ME, XP, Vista & Windows 7.


Nagger V2.29 - all programs are held on the storage site. If there are problems downloading, check your computer's access or contact me via email address at bottom of this page.

The program is free, but if you pass it on, please keep the package intact.


Windows may prompt for permission to install using various messages...

The default installation creates a shortcut in Programs\Startup so that the Nagger starts automatically each time you logon or start Windows. If you just want to start it manually, move the shortcut elsewhere.

When Nagger is running, click Help, ReadMe for further information, or contact me if you have any problems.


Phil Tipping, 2011