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EMX-1 Config

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This is a program for organising patterns & songs on a Korg EMX-1 Music Production Station. It displays all items in a single view, making it easy to rename, move & re-group as reqd. Multiple emx files are shown in separate tabs.

It processes saved emx files offline, so a means of transferring files is required, such as a SmartMedia or SD card.

The program is not intended to be a full on-line editor; it was designed to save
wear & tear on the rotary knob... and the operator :) 

Main screenshot showing the factory set with song S.01 selected. The colours indicate which patterns are used by the song and the song chain.
(zoom in for more detail)

Main screenshot

Summary buttons show key attributes for all patterns & songs at a glance. This example shows the no. of measures & beats for all patterns, and the no. of pattern positions used in all songs.

Attribute view example

More details can be shown in the log window; this shows basic song info.

Song details in log

This shows a drum & synth grid pattern.

Pattern details in log

More pattern info includes note values, gate times and motion sequences

Notes, gate times & motion seqs

Song editing for chains & pattern list

Song edit screen

Pattern editing for drum & synth waveforms

Pattern edit screen

Grid files can be imported. Sequetron drum config files can also be used with a bit of tweaking
Grid file example

Grid file imported, ready for saving as an emx file

Imported grid file

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Minimum system requirements

Windows 98SE and later.
Tested on Win XP & Win 8.1 64bit


13-Apr-2015 EMX1Config V3.00 - all programs are held on the storage site. If there are problems downloading, check your computer's access or contact me via email address at bottom of this page.
Mods history
The program is free, but if you pass it on, please keep the package intact.
Note this processes EMX-1 files only; it does not process ESX files.

The EMX-1 factory set is built-in to the program (via File, New), but other emx files are available from Korg's support page, e.g. USA_Writerly and UK_Bass



Windows may prompt for permission to install using various messages...
When the program is running, click the Help button for further information, or contact me if you have any problems.


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