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This is a command-line utility for re-ordering (sorting) E-MU/EOS folders & banks.

This is a difficult process on the E-MU itself as EOS allocates prefix numbers (B.nnn) automatically, and these numbers define the browse order. If your data is accessible from a PC (i.e. it's in FAT format), this utility can re-order the prefix numbers so the names appear in alphabetical order.

Example of E-MU folders before sorting...

  Folder list before sort

after sorting...

Folder list after sort

Non-prefixed items added manually are also handled; e.g. before sorting...

New manual folders before sort

after sorting...

New manual folders after sort

Similarly for bank names; before sorting...

Bank list before sort

after sorting...

Bank list after sort

Command syntax

EMUReorder -f | -b | -bs [-o] | -?
(parameter prefix can be - or /)

where -f=sort folders, -b=sort banks, -bs=sort banks in all subfolders; the '-o' option overrides the safety check to prevent processing non-E-MU items.
-? displays more help info.


The program assumes the folders & files are in FAT format (EOS 4.7 does this). Commercial programs are available for reading E-MU/Eos files directly, although if you have one of these you probably won't need EMUReorder!

Your setup may vary, but mine uses an IcyDock removable disc formatted as FAT which can be copied/read with a PC. You can also use removable FAT media such as floppy discs, ZIP discs or solid state memory cards to transfer files.

Some factory CDs use dummy items to hold titles, author & copyright info for the samples. If you want to keep these items ordered at the start, add a space or underscore character to the name part before re-ordering,
e.g. rename  B.000-Credits  to  B.000- Credits  or  B.000-_Credits

Warning 1: Eos allows filename characters which are invalid in Microsoft Windows, e.g. some bank names in the factory set of E-MU CDs contain / and " characters. Windows Explorer will display these files but won't let you rename them, so the utility will fail.  One work-round is to use the Disk/Browse Find option on the E-MU to replace these characters before re-ordering, e.g. change '/' to '-', and double quotes to single quotes.

Warning 2: The program has been tested ok with my folders & banks, but you use this tool at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data so please make backups of your folders/files before processing.

Minimum system requirements

Windows XP and later.
Tested on Windows XP.


EMUReorder V2.01  20-May-2015. The file is a batch file so you may need to right-click it and 'save target/link as...' to download it.

Mods v2.01
 - Parameter prefixes can also be '-' for consistency with other utils
Mods v2.00
 - Parameters now require / prefix to conform to standards
 - Added checks if renames fail or more than 1000 items
 - Added help info for illegal chars in filenames

The program is free, but if you pass it on, please keep the package intact.

See also the Decode EMU utility.


There is no 'installation' - the downloadable file is the batch file you run, so download & save it to a folder of your choice. If the folder is not your 'current folder', it must be added to your search path otherwise you'll need to specify its full pathname in order to run it.

This is a command-line utility so needs to be run from a command window; nothing will happen if you just double-click it. Starting a command window varies according to your version of Windows; some examples are:-
  • click Start, Programs, Accessories, Command prompt
  • click Start, Run, then type 'cmd' (without the quotes) and press Enter
  • click Start, Run, then type 'command' and press Enter
In the command window, enter EMUReorder to see the basic syntax or EMUReorder /?  to display full usage info.
Contact me if you have any problems.


Just delete the batch file you downloaded.

Phil Tipping, 2015