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Page updated: 1-Sep-2010

Berty Versions

Demo Version

The demo version has the same performance & most of the functionality of full version, so you can get a good idea of the program's potential on your PC.  The following restrictions apply:-
  • Extended memory usage, brain size, no. of cells etc. are all limited
  • The max number of ViewPorts, Eeg traces & Stimuli is reduced
  • The simulator speed will be progressively slugged
  • You can load initialisation files (.BRN files) but cannot nest or save them

Full Version

The registered full version (now also free) gives the following benefits:-
  • The max brain size can be any value subject to the amount of RAM supported by Himem in your PC
  • You can have any number of ViewPorts, Eeg traces & Stimuli subject to the amount of space on the display
  • There is no speed degradation
  • You can nest LF commands in .BRN files
  • You can save .BRN files, e.g. for resuming simulation at a later date
  • Support & upgrades

Version History

V3 Nov 20 2006
Contact details changed.
Windows 98/ME/XP instructions added in ReadMe file.
Online Help pages stay open until Esc key pressed.
Demo section added to ReadMe file.
References to ShareWare removed from ReadMe file & online help.

V2 Feb 4 1999
LF command within .brn files changed: V1 'chained', V2 'calls & returns'.
OR command default changed: V1 set origin to 0, V2 displays current value.
'Inspect/Edit/Load' filenames default to last-used 'input' filename.
'Save' filenames default to last-used 'saved' filename.
Single growth command 'g' fixed.
Load & Edit available from within Inspect File.
Demo6 modded & Demo7.brn added to demonstrate nesting.
'Hz' counter overflow on fast PCs fixed.
Cycles/Eeg & Cycles/Display counters increased from 16 to 32 bit.
Default now allowed for DE: displays current editor program.
Minor clarifications in online help.

V1 Jan 27 1999
Initial release.