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Unless otherwise stated, all items here are offered free with no embedded adverts or time restrictions. If you find any free items useful and wish to donate, please use this PayPal link and add a message or send an email to say what it's for.

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Software index
Free (mostly) programs & utilities


Modular synthesizer
Dotcom synth project blog
Electric piano speakers
Fitting external speakers to Yamaha P95
Electric piano dismantling
Yamaha P95/P85 digital piano (video)
Boss RC-3 looper adapter
Using standard pedals for memory/patch shifts (video)
Tascam DP-24SD/DP-32SD
Step-by-Step guide, Tutorial video & DVD, demo song
Headphone amp/splitter
Adding 3.5mm sockets to HA-400 (video)
Oscilloscope DIY kit
Building a cheap scope for monitor waveforms etc (video)
Audio Wiring
Clamping system for wiring up rack-mounted gear
MIDI Patch Panels
Using standard 1/4" jack patch panels for MIDI
Stereo Microphone Mount
Mounting large & small diaphragm mics for stereo
SyDs - Synthesizer Diagrams
Functional block diagrams for various synths
Track Sheets
Track-sheets for recorders with exchangeable/virtual tracks

E-MU sampler info

Sample Aid + E-MU
Semi-automated sampling utility for the E-MU Ultra (pdf)
CD List
Contents list for E-MU factory CDs
SCSI Wiring
Daisy-chaining E-MU Ultra E5000 samplers
IDE Discs
Adding IDE hard discs to E-MU Ultra E5000 samplers
PSU replacement
Replacing a broken PSU (video)


Shortwave aerial mod
Eliminate noise/hash on HF radio reception
Yupiteru scanner
Changing backup 'battery'/capacitor & tuning info (video)