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Page updated: 29-Jun-2018


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Software index - Free programs & utilities - updated 6-Jun-2018
Modular synthesizer - Dotcom synth info
Electric piano speakers - Fitting external speakers
Electric piano dismantling - Yamaha P95/P85 digital piano (video)
Boss RC-3 looper adapter - Standard pedals for memory shift (video)
Tascam DP-24SD/DP-32SD - Video & guide - updated 29-Jun-2018
Headphone amp/splitter - Adding 3.5mm sockets to HA-400 (video)
Oscilloscope DIY kit - Monitor waveforms etc (video)
Audio Wiring - Clamping system for rack gear
MIDI Patch Panels - Using standard patch panels for MIDI
Stereo Microphone Mount - Mounting large & small diaphragm mics
SyDs - Synthesizer Diagrams - Functional block diagrams
Track Sheets - Using recorders with exchangeable tracks
E-MU sampler info
Sample Aid + E-MU - Sampling with E-MU Ultra (pdf)
CD List - E-MU factory CDs contents list
SCSI Wiring - Daisy-chaining E5000 samplers
IDE Discs - Adding discs to E5000 samplers
PSU replacement - Replacing a broken PSU (video)
Shortwave aerial mod - Eliminate noise/hash on HF radio reception
Yupiteru scanner - Changing backup capacitor & tuning (video)