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Unless otherwise stated, all items here are offered free with no embedded adverts or time restrictions. If you find any free items useful and wish to donate, please use this PayPal link and add a message or send an email to say what it's for.

Some downloadable files are held on the pCloud.com storage site due to website restrictions, so don't be alarmed if you see a prompt from pCloud. If there are problems downloading, check your computer is not blocking access to pCloud, or contact me via the email address below.

Elektron Octatrack MKII Dynamic Performance Sampler

Tascam DP-24SD/DP-32SD Multitrack Recorder

  • Step-by-Step guide
    This guide complements the tutorial videos and can be used as a quick-start or as a reference.

  • Tutorial videos
    These Youtube videos cover many aspects of the dp24 & dp32 machines, including generic recording tips & info.

  • Tutorial DVD/download
    All 24 YouTube tutorial videos (parts 1-14B, runtime 5hours 7mins) are available as a single MP4 file available either on a DVD or as a download. It includes a few corrections & clarifications which are not on the YouTube videos, and it also shows the current part title throughout to aid navigation.

  • Factory demo song
    The sd-card supplied with new machines from Tascam should contain a demo multi-track song for practice mixing etc. It does not appear to exist on Tascam's website, so if you've lost it, you can download a copy here.

Dotcom Modular Synthesizer

Yamaha P85/P95 piano

  • Fitting external speakers
    A simple idea for physically attaching external speakers to an electric piano, specifically a Yamaha P95 on its L85 stand.

  • Dismantling (video)
    Had to take my P95 apart to investigate a key rattle so took a few photos of the process. Removal of the keybed is shown but not removal of individual keys. Note this is a series of static photos with no sound - use the pause key as reqd.

Boss RC-3 looper pedal

  • Adapter socket (video)
    Allows use of standard (i.e. cheap!) pedals for memory/patch shifts instead of Boss's expensive FS-5U & FS-6 pedals.

Behringer HA-400 4-way headphone amp/splitter

  • Adding 3.5mm sockets (video)
    One criticism of this device is that the outputs use 1/4" TRS sockets, so adapters are needed if your headphones or earphones have 3.5mm plugs. The simple solution is to use adapters, but adding more connections into the signal chain increases the chances of intermittent problems. This set of still photos shows a way of fitting 3.5mm sockets and wiring them in parallel with the existing 1/4" sockets. The master input can be treated the same way, although this is not shown here.

  • Switch for mono/balanced input (video)
    This device expects a stereo signal on a 1/4" TRS jack plug, and this causes problems if you want to connect a mono signal, such as the Aux Send from a mixer/recorder. This video shows a simple modification to handle both unbalanced and balanced mono signals, as well as normal unbalanced stereo signals. It also allows a single TRS-to-TRS cable to handle all 3 cases. Note it does not convert stereo to mono.

JyeTech DSO-138 DIY Oscilloscope kit

  • Build walkthrough - avoiding the pitfalls (video)
    A detailed walk-through for the novice showing the build process for the DS0-138 digital storage oscilloscope, with hi-res photos & tips to ensure it works first time. Includes details of optional acrylic case.


E-MU Ultra Samplers