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Page updated: 19-May-2020

Tascam DP-24SD & DP-32SD

Step-by-Step Guide

This guide complements the Tutorial Videos and can be used as a quick-start or as a reference. Unlike the videos, which use the block diagram to overview and understand how the machine works, the quide  contains straight-forward steps for practical tasks such as 'How to record', How to add reverb', 'How to bounce', 'How to backup tracks & songs', etc. Details & background info are also provided, but are arranged so they can be easily read or skipped as reqd.

The latest Contents and sample pages show the range of topics.

A few user reviews are on the Tascam forum here & here.

The guide is a PDF document which will be sent via email. It has clickable cross-references for use on-screen... or you can print it out; everything is in alphabetic order for easy navigation.
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Tutorial Videos on YouTube

These Youtube videos cover many aspects of the dp24 & dp32 machines, including generic recording tips & info. The tutorial is aimed at the novice, but takes an unorthodox approach by using the block diagram to explain how the machine works and how the controls relate to each other, so may be of interest to others.

There are currently 24 videos in the series, split into 14 parts; see Playlist

If you prefer a written guide, see the Step-by-Step Guide - no block diagrams; just plain simple steps for practical tasks.

The tutorial has taken a lot of time & effort to put together but is offered free online, without adverts, for anyone interested. If you find it useful and wish to donate anything, however small, it would be much appreciated; go to Payments.

...or, instead of donating, why not buy your own DVD/downloadable version for reference & viewing offline... or if your internet is slow/unreliable!

MP4 Tutorial Videos on DVD or download

All 24 YouTube videos (parts 1-14B, runtime 5hours 7mins) are available as a single MP4 file either on a DVD (which will be posted to you) or as a 4GB download. It includes a few corrections & clarifications which are not on the YouTube videos, and it also shows the current part title throughout to aid navigation.

A time index is displayed at the start of the video; click images below to zoom in.
Index 1 Index 2 Index 3
You can also download a printable index here: v131  v124

Note the video format is MP4. This allows all videos to fit onto a single DVD for cost & convenience of skipping forwards or backwards through the whole set... but means your playback device must be able to handle MP4 video files.

If you plan to use a standalone DVD player, please check your user manual first to see if it can read MP4 videos. Blu-Ray players are more likely to be compatible, but please check before purchasing. Models confirmed ok include:-

Panasonic 4K Ultra DMP-BTD280EB
Sony BDP S1500

A computer will definitely be ok for either the DVD or download, although you may need to update your media player software if it cannot handle MP4 files. Players known to work include:-
Windows: Windows Media Player v12, Media Player Classic
Macintosh: Quicktime, Elmedia, Divx
Linux: VLC media player

If you choose the MP4 download option, you can download direct to your computer or tablet. If you choose the DVD, you can still copy the contents to your hard disc for convenience; it will be shipped in a plastic sleeve as shown.

DVD package

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Demo Song

The sd-card supplied with new machines from Tascam should contain a demo multi-track song for practice mixing etc. It does not appear to exist on Tascam's website, so if you've lost it, you can download a copy here. This is the demo which came with my DP-32SD machine; I believe it is compatible with the DP-32 and DP-24/DP-24SD models but have not confirmed this. The ReadMe file shows how to unzip and install it

Demo Song  ReadMe

Note these files are held on the storage site. If there are problems downloading, check your computer's access or contact me via the email address below.


Use the PayPal links below to access Paypal, click 'Send' then login when prompted. Fill in the required amount and set the currency to GBP. Paypal handles currency conversions automatically.

Please also...

  • Include a message to say what the payment is for. There should be an option in Paypal to include a message or note, but if not, just send me a separate email; contact address is shown below.
  • If ordering the DVD, include the shipping address.
I will try and respond within 24 hours. Any problems, contact me via the email address shown below.


Step-by-Step Guide  GBP 30
Guide will be emailed to you; updates will be sent free of charge.

MP4 video tutorial  GBP 25
DVD (free postage) or download; please state which.

Both the above (guide + video)  GBP 45 (save 10)
DVD (free postage) or download; please state which.

I have no affiliation or support from Tascam.