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Page updated: 30-Jul-2017


Available on an ad-hoc basis to friends &
the local communities of South West Wales

In-House Recording

The in-house system (here's a clearer video showing music room under construction) is built around an analogue mixer with outboard gear including solid-state & valve/tube pre-amps, compressors, EQ & FX, multi-track digital recorder, PC with digital I/O, fibre-optic cables. Instruments include: synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, Sequetron, keyboards, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, banjo. 

We can record onto or convert/transfer between:-

  • Formats such as: WAV/Audio, MP3, MIDI
  • Media such as: Cassette, CD, DVD

On-Location/Portable Recording

On-location recording uses CD-quality digital recorders with condenser microphones, with simultaneous playback for backing tracks or overdubbing; suitable for 'a cappella', small bands, complete performances etc. All recordings can be digitally transferred to the in-house system for further processing & mixing.


We can make your show/musical run more smoothly by creating a CD in running order of backing tracks, sound effects and scene-change 'filler' music for playing over your sound/PA system.

  • Backing tracks can be recorded from your own music or created from MIDI files available on the internet.
  • If you use MIDI files, they can be adjusted in pitch, speed and instrumentation to suit your singers before converting to audio.
  • Your singers can also be pre-recorded with these backing tracks to reinforce them on the night, reducing the number of microphones required & problems with stage nerves; ideal for school shows.

See projects for examples of completed projects.
See biography for studio background (a nostalgic trip down memory lane).